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The Boydell Lettings website contains a constantly updated register of property to let. In order to receive an updated list of our available rental properties, please register for e-mail alerts and we will send you details of new properties to suit your requirements.

For further details or to book a viewing appointment please telephone 01902 881168

This guide is intended as a brief overview to help you when choosing to rent a property. Below are helpful pointers to assist you.

Tenants Criteria and Booking an Appointment

We will only take applications from prospective tenants in full time employment, however if only one part of a partnership is in full time employment, we may be able to take this application as long as one annual wage will fully support the rent and outgoings, however the other part of the party will also need to complete a referencing application, this can be calculated by multiplying the rent by 30, if your wages equal this or more then you can afford the rent. Once an application has been made then the property is held for you until the final reference report has been received.

The Referencing Procedure

All prospective tenants who fit the required criteria shall be asked to provide three forms of positive ID as shown below. The external referencing company we use shall require an employment reference, a previous landlord reference, a residency reference and a full credit check.

Bring with you to the Appointment

  • Proof of address, usually a utility bill will suffice
  • Photographic evidence, passport or driving licence
  • Bank statement or pay slip (a P60 is also acceptable)
  • If self employed, then a copy of your previous accounts and your accountants details


For a single application a fee of £180.00 plus VAT is payable, for a joint application, a fee of £220.00 plus VAT is payable, please bear in mind this fee is not refundable at any stage once the application has been submitted. Please note that should the landlord decline to let the property or you change your mind, the application fee is still not refundable.

Company applications will be taken as long as the company can prove they will be paying the rent, the fee for a company reference is £250.00 plus VAT.


There may be times when a guarantor will be required, the same procedure will take place and the single application fee will be applicable. The chosen guarantor must be earning three times the rent on a monthly basis.

How Much Deposit

We shall require one months rent and one months full rent as a deposit plus £100.00, this is refundable as long as the premises and the grounds are left in a suitable condition, clean and free from disrepair. The deposit will be held by the Deposit Protection Service for your safety and fairness, this will be returned to you at the end of the tenancy subject to a satisfactory final inspection by the landlord/tenant and agent. All monies paid on the date of signing the agreement must be paid in cash or by bankers draft to Boydell Lettings.

Tenancy Agreement

Subject to suitable references, a fixed six month tenancy agreement will be drawn up between you and the landlord, all relevant sections will apply and a full inventory will be handed over to you in order for you to check the premises at the agreed sign up appointment. Your contract will be renewable subject to a satisfactory tenancy for a further fixed period.


The rent will be payable on a monthly basis and paid by standing order from your bank, this will be completed at the point of signing the tenancy agreement. Remember it is your responsibility to pay your rent and not the agents to collect it. Please make sure you check your statements to ensure your rent has been paid.

Welcome Inspections

After four weeks of moving in to your new home, we shall visit you to ensure there are no problems and if so we shall organise the best way forward and resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Points of Interest for Tenants

  1. No pets will be allowed in the property unless agreed in writing by the Landlord of the property.
  2. All our properties are no smoking residences, therefore no smoking is permitted inside the property at any time. Tobacco debris outside of the property must be cleared away.
  3. The Tenant is responsible for insuring their own possessions and damage that may be caused to the landlords fixtures and fittings.
  4. During the term of the tenancy, the tenant is responsible for all utility accounts i.e. Gas, Electricity, Water and Council Tax.
  5. The Landlord is responsible for any maintenance and repairs to the property, subject to the tenancy agreement
  6. The Tenant is responsible for breakages and damage caused to any appliances provided within the tenancy agreement.
  7. The decor of the property must not be altered with out written permission from the managing agent.
  8. By agreement with the Landlord, the Tenant will be given the option of extending the tenancy prior to the current date of renewal.
  9. Should the Tenant wish to vacate the premises before the fixed term agreement has expired, the Tenant will need to give one months notice in writing, however the Tenant will be liable to the rent until a further Tenant has been found or until the agreement has expired.
  10. If the premises are being managed by the agent, the Tenant will receive details of whom to contact for repairs and tenancy issues that may arise.
  11. In cases where the Landlord manages the premises, all relevant contact details will be forwarded to the Tenant.

Boydell Lettings, whilst acting for the Landlord, operates within accepted guidelines in the industry to ensure that you are able to rely on a professional agent taking your concerns seriously and advising the Landlord of his/her obligations. It is with this regard that you can be assured that the property conforms to all safety regulations and is fairly priced.

You require a professional service and as such Boydell Lettings is a member of the OEA ombudsman for letting agents. This ensures that professional standards are met at all times.

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